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Matias Bjørndalen, car mechanic, Oslo

... at the vehicle workshop

I see vehicles differently. While untrained vehicle owners only look at their car door, I notice soft clinking noises on closing, gaps that are too wide, tiny traces of paint damage with rust starting to form underneath, play in the hinges, etc. I can sum it all up in a single sentence: Since becoming a vehicle mechanic, I have developed an eye for faults and damage. It is my job to identify and eliminate them. Virtually every day I have to transport some broken-down vehicle from A to B. Having done this for many years now, my old HUMBAUR has always been my trusty companion. Now I have bought the new, fully galvanised Lemans. Yet another extremely stable gem with a great finish for everyday use. I really see a lot of vehicles, but I always like to see my HUMBAUR.

Matias Bjørndalen, car mechanic


“Why I bought it? The rope winch is adjustable. That makes loading a lot easier.”

Benjamin Franklin

“I am a fan of the flat angle for the loading ramp. Loading has really become very easy.”

Freddie Neville

“Sometimes we have to transport a SUV. This is when you need a decent gross weight. The HUMBAUR has it.”

Gordon Perlman

Tandem Axle

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It is light so that it can transport more heavy machinery. We have protected it against corrosion so that it will last for a long time. Your construction machines can drive safely up the sturdy and durable ramps with a particularly flat drive-up angle onto the load platform. You can adapt the HS Tandem flatbed trailer to different drawbar heights.

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Tandem Axle

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Do you sometimes need a trailer for pallets, then for construction machinery and then for building materials? The HBT BE tandem wheels-in trailer provides you with the correct version for all purposes. With its retracting support legs and the optional stowing drive-up ramps, it supports you in all working applications and machine transport.

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HVK Tandem - empty trailer PurFerro

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Our catering trailers make selling so much easier for you in many respects. Access to your catering trailer is via a door at the front. High-quality lighting has been provided in galvanised fittings. The body has a polyurethane core and is coated with galvanised, powder-coated steel plate on both ides. The well-designed flap is on the right side and has a hinged cover with rain protection. This means that your customers are always under cover. Gas springs help you open the flap. Do you have very particular requirements for your catering trailer? Find out more about our comprehensive range of accessories.

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Tandem Axle-Freezer Trailers

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Cold, colder, frozen - with our freezer trailer, you can transport goods at temperatures below zero degrees. The cooling units accommodate temperatures between +10 degrees and -20 degrees. To ensure the cold temperatures remain securely in the refrigeration compartment, we have equipped the freezer box with ample insulation. The floor has an 80-mm-thick hard foam core. The walls are just as thick and coated with sheet steel on both sides, with an additional, PVC layer on the inner side. These features make the TK ideally suited for transporting food-in strict compliance with food law. The fittings and hinges on this model are made of stainless steel.

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HA Multi

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The HA Multitransporter is a car-trailer suitable for a wide range of applications. The box trailer has a fixed front wall and side walls made of anodised, double-walled aluminium profiles with a height of 300 mm. The tailgate is equipped with toggle-type fasteners. The loading area of the flatbed trailer measures 2510 x 1310 mm. Three pairs of tie-down hoops are recessed into the side walls for securing the load. The tensile force is 400 kg per hoop. The HA Multitransporter can be equipped in a variety of ways thanks to features such as its corner stanchions with insert options, which can be used to fit additional side-wall elements 30 cm in size. A flat cover and an aluminium cover are available as accessories to provide protection from above. A motorcycle rail can also be retrofitted as an accessory and the option to fit loading planks is planned as a new standard feature of the series. The 15-mm thick, weather-resistant floor plate is sufficiently robust for any application. The HA Multitransporter is available in two variants: without a brake, with a permissible maximum weight of 750 kg, and with a brake and a permissible maximum weight of 1300 kg. The version with a brake includes a jockey wheel as standard.

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Tandem Axle

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Our HBTZ BS tandem wheels-in trailers are designed for an exceptionally long service life as a result of its hot-dip galvanised chassis. Folding support legs provide safety during loading and unloading. Use the many facilities of lashing your load and drive with confidence and safety. Our wide range of accessories enables you to adapt your HBTZ accordingly!

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Trailer  in detail


HGK Deluxe

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The Humbaur HGK Deluxe is a compact cooling trailer with professional equipment. The single-axle car trailer has a load capacity of approximately 510 kg at a total permissible weight of 1300 kg. Its frame and chassis are made of hot-dip galvanised steel, as is the welded rear portal; the bezels and the rear rain channel are made of anodised aluminium. The box body is constructed from 60-mm-thick PurFerro sandwich panels consisting of a polyurethane foam core with outer layers made of galvanised and powder-coated sheet steel. The insulated floor is some 65 mm thick and does not allow any of the cold to escape downwards. It is also equipped with an anti-slip coating. The cooling unit used is from the well-known Govi brand; operating with a 230-V supply, it allows the trailer to be cooled down to temperatures from +2øC to +10øC while stationary. Cooling while driving is not possible due to the design. Four swivelling telescopic crank supports ensure that the trailer can be safely parked, while the 150-mm-high aluminium scuff plate which runs around the inside gives the surfaces extra durability.

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Steely DK

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Small, nimble, versatile: The Steely DK is more than just an introduction to the world of Humbaur transportation solutions - the car trailer is also a real space-saver thanks to its folding drawbar. As it can be positioned vertically with the drawbar folded down, the trailer can be stored against the garage wall, for example, and easily accessed at any time. The Steely DK is a practical transportation companion for personal use that will help you move almost anything - from tools and building materials to garden waste, crates and boxes. The trailer can also be fitted with a side plate extension, H-frame, flat cover or tarpaulin and frame, making light work of the most challenging transportation scenarios. Inside the trailer, four tie rings on the side walls can be used to secure cargo. The side walls are also equipped with pre-assembled fastening buttons for attaching tarpaulins.

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Tandem, alu, straight front

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Our cattle trailers with a straight-fronted aluminium body has been designed for heavy-duty use over many years. Its end-to-end anti-corrosion protection makes it particularly durable. The chassis is hot-dip galvanised, with the lateral supports and the outer frame made from hot-dip galvanised steel plate. All edging is made from anodised aluminium. The walls have been constructed from anodised aluminium profiles. A tough tarpaulin protects your animals against adverse weather conditions. The entry door in the side wall allows your livestock to enter easily at any time. Have a look at the accessories list if you would like to adapt this trailer to your individual needs.

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