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Tandem, Alu, slant front

Use it over its many years of service life to transport your animals safely. This robustly built cattle trailer has an aluminium body with a slanting front. The body consists of double-walled aluminium profiles attached to a solid outer frame made from hot-galvanised steel plate. All edges have also been made from corrosion-resistant aluminium. A tough tarpaulin roof will protect your cattle against adverse weather conditions. The chassis with independent wheel suspension is equipped with maintenance -free spring axles.

Livestock trailer

alu, slant front


Livestock trailer alu single axle

The new single-axle livestock trailer captivates with a robust body made from double-walled anodised aluminium profiles. Its chassis offers high stability and therefore optimum safety thanks to its hot-dip galvanised undercarriage. The glued and sealed rubber base ensures a secure footing while driving. A large access door is situated on the left side of the trailer. The trailer is equipped with a robust tarpaulin and roof bows.

Livestock trailer alu single axle

Trailer in detail

Tandem, alu, straight front

Our cattle trailers with a straight-fronted aluminium body has been designed for heavy-duty use over many years. Its end-to-end anti-corrosion protection makes it particularly durable. The chassis is hot-dip galvanised, with the lateral supports and the outer frame made from hot-dip galvanised steel plate. All edging is made from anodised aluminium. The walls have been constructed from anodised aluminium profiles. A tough tarpaulin protects your animals against adverse weather conditions. The entry door in the side wall allows your livestock to enter easily at any time. Have a look at the accessories list if you would like to adapt this trailer to your individual needs.

Livestock trailer

alu, straight front


Tandem, wood, slant front

This cattle trailer too is characterised by its wooden body's slanted front. It has been carefully designed from top to bottom to ensure a long service life: The robust tarpaulin rests of a body whose walls are made of waterproof, plastic-coated, multi-laminated plywood. The outer frame has been constructed of hot-dip galvanised steel plate. The hot-dip galvanised chassis provides continued anti-corrosion protection. You will see: This cattle trailer will provide you with reliable tool for your transport requirements, year after year. The accessories list will take care all your other needs.

Livestock trailer

wood, slant front

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