They don´t leave me out in the rain.

Laura Poletti, roofer, Rome

... in landscaping and construction

My job is quite dangerous. Of course we are careful when we are working on the roof. But I do place a lot of emphasis on safety and reliability in my job. My friends often ask me: Have you been on holiday? That's what happens when you work outdoors all day: You come home from work with a tan. They are mistaken though - my job is strenuous. I have to concentrate hard and quite often do a lot of physical labour. I also have to be able to rely on all my colleagues. I always say: A good colleague is like my HUMBAUR. He gets a lot of work done, is always reliable, is safety-aware and does not rust. Well perhaps the last one is too much to ask for. Dear colleagues, just be like my trailer: It always gives me a feeling of safety.

Laura Poletti, roofer,


“Four foldable drop sides, unloading on all sides. That is what I wanted from my trailer.”

Charlotte John

“Top-class accessories: When I need it, I can simply put on the tarp and be done with it.”

Charlie Brown

“Almost two and a half tonnes load capacity. That gives me plenty of reserves.”

Eddie Silver

Tandem Trailer HA

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It can be used to transport building materials, construction tools and machines, even gardening equipment - anything you want. Our HA flatbed trailers can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories, for every application. Its design promises stability and a long service life: The side wall frame design uses sturdy aluminium profile. The 15 mm thick flooring made from waterproof multi-layer glued material is coated to produce a non-slip surface. Optimum load securing is ensured by six recessed lashing brackets in the drop sides: Each one withstands 400 kg., tested by DEKRA.

Configure Tandem axle Aluminium HA

Tandem Trailer HT

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Everything that a professional needs: A stable high-loader with hot-dip galvanized frame and chassis. All important components like the longitudinal bar or the underrun guard are also protected from corrosion and are easily replaced, if there's a damage. At least six pieces of of tie-rings secure the load. Each of them contains a traction force up to 400 kg, approved by Dekra. The HT or the HN series offer a loading height from 700mm up to 725mm, or 610mm. Its double-walled aluminium drop sides look good and are robust.

Configure Tandem axle wheels