They set the tone.

Joshua Baker, sound technician,

... in sound and lighting technology

After spending the entire day on the band bus, I quickly have to set up the sound systems before the show and start to mix the sound. Sound technicians are always the first to start work and always the last to stop. I have become used to that. It is great fun to mix the perfect sound for cool bands. We are often on the road for weeks on end and I have to take along a lot of equipment. Fortunately I can safely store all this technology in my HUMBAUR wheels-in trailer. Everything is perfectly protected while on the road and always arrives intact. I need to be able to rely on that. One thing is quite sure though: When we start to dismantle everything after the show, my HUMBAUR and I are always the last to leave work.

Joshua Baker, sound technician


“My goods being protected properly is my top priority. My box trailer offers me that!”

Tracy Campell

“My equipment is heavy. The low loading height got my vote straight away.”

Luke Chambers

“I can only say: hot-galvanised steel. It lasts for ever.”

Matthew White

3-Way tipper Alu

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Our HTK stands out as a result of their quality and a manual pump which can, on request, be replaced by an electric hydraulic pump. From 3 000 kg upwards, you get both the electrical and the manual pump. This allows simple and independent operation of your HTK in all applications.

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MTKB Vehicle Box Transporter Tandem Axle, Tiltable

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The MTKB is a reliable and high-quality vehicle transporter boasting many practical details. Sophisticated features such as the front and rear access doors make this box trailer super easy to use, so it's not just for transporting sports cars and classic cars safely from A to B. It can also transport normal cars, vans and SUVs and safely protect them from wind, poor weather conditions, salt and theft. The fact that the trailer is permitted to travel at 100 km/h and features an integrated electric cable winch only adds a further advantage.

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Allcomfort Tandem Axle

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It makes each operation as convenient as possible: Simply tilt the hydraulic bridge with a manual pump. Gas springs help you to operate the ramp wall. The low load height of 640 mm (single-axle model) or 650 mm (tandem-axle model) keeps the drive-up angle very low. So that the vehicles can be loaded onto the trailer without effort, a stable cable winch frame with a cable winch is available as an optional extra. The sophisticated chassis system of the MTK Allcomfort ensures particularly smooth road handling.

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Equitos Plywood

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The EQUITOS models with plywood superstructure and full-length polyester roof offer plenty of room in the entry-level class for two horses. The EquiLock© partition wall and the EquiDrive© chassis, which ensures maximum driving stability, are included as standard.

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