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Maximus deluxe.

Maximum design, equipment and safety

The most important features of the MAXIMUS DELUXE 2700 S


Thanks to the modern design of the MAXIMUS S model range and the EquiSpace® concept, horses have plenty of room to move as well as headroom inside the transport trailer. The aerodynamically shaped bow minimises wind noise, thus ensuring a more relaxed journey. 


The EquiDrive® Plus S height-adjustable suspension guarantees optimum traction and therefore active driving safety. In an emergency, the EquiGuard® panic release ensures quick and easy opening of the chest and rear bars. 

Maximus Deluxe

The visual highlights of the MAXIMUS S DELUXE are the GFRP mudguards with LED lighting and the panoramic window, which ensures pleasant lighting conditions in the interior.

Additional equipment features

  • Chassis

    Longitudinal beam chassis; EquiDrive® PLUS S with coil spring suspension and wheel shock absorbers

  • Body

    Full-poly body (available in different colours)

  • Saddle compartment

    The lockable saddle compartment with light, also features an extendable saddle holder, bridle holder, interior mirror, safety net, interior lighting, shovel and broom

  • Inner walls

    Side kick plate

  • Transport space equipment

    2 suspended feed troughs, left and right-side cushions, tinted hinged windows, interior lighting, wind deflector for draught-free interior ventilation


  • Maximus DELUXE 2700 S

    with EquiDrive® PLUS S, designer mudguards, two-tone alloy wheel rims and a permissible total weight of 2,700 kg

    Gross weight:
    2 700 kg
    Load capacity:
    1 585 kg
    Inner length:
    3 560 mm
    Inner width:
    1 800 mm
    from 19 678,80 €
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