Simply, robust and secure for professional duties

Turntable flatbed htd.

Flatbed with extras.

Heavy equipment, easy to use: the HTD series shows how easy loading can be. In the rain, in the cold – work with confidence thanks to the refined design. That saves time, and time is money. For your project. For your customers. For you.

The HTD series

HTD 30

A classic with an offset or straight bed. Optional twist-lock locking and the straight bed is ideal for transporting containers. At the transition, the offset bed serves as a stop for wheeled or tracked vehicles. The tailgate can be propped up, lowered or driven on using the solidly constructed ramps.

HTD 40

The 4-axle model from the HTD range also has a rear axle which can be lowered to allow for easy loading of the vehicle. Choose between three different heights for the drawbar. Thanks to its galvanised chassis, this model is particularly robust. The hot-dip galvanised undercarriage provides for optimal protection against corrosion.

HTD 50

The 5-axle flatbed turntable HTD carries excavators, construction machinery and even the heaviest equipment up to a good 40 metric tons with ease. The extremely flat ramp, which can be optimally supported by hydraulics, ensures secure loading. That way, even machines with low ground clearance can ride piggy-back with no problem. The professional load securing system ensures safety during transport.

Use cases Turntable flatbed

Construction machine transporter

Not every trailer can handle wheeled loaders, mobile excavators and tracked vehicles. Jobs like these need a special kind of heavy-duty giant – like our turntable flatbed. The trailer offers not only a spacious loading area, but also a high payload. The vehicles can also not only be easily loaded, but also optimally secured.

Similar models

Humbaur dropdeck flatbed series


The welded flatbed semi-trailer will win you over with its cranked or straight trailer floor and its low net weight. This allows construction companies to safety and conveniently transport construction vehicles such as excavators, wheel loaders, road pavers or heavy operating equipment. The adjustable kingpin means the semi-trailer can fit tractor trucks with either two or three axles. The flatbed semi-trailers are also suited for transporting containers