FlexBox Dry

Ideal for dry freight

The FlexBox

Why our vehicle structure is so unique

With stainless steel fasteners and especially tight sealing.


Various manufacturers.

  • Especially durable.
  • Single-piece floor plate.

Optional: with sandwich roof.


For customised load security.

  • For all vehicle chassis.
  • In various dimensions.
  • With extensive accessories.
  • Lightweight panels with GRP top layer as standard for optimal payload.
  • The sandwich panels can be optionally equipped with a robust, low-maintenance galvanised steel top layer (PurFerro).
  • Certain transport requirements call for the use of a lighter aluminium top layer (PurAlu).

Our FlexBox impresses not only with its ingenious details, but also with its flexibility. When it comes to production, we are just as versatile as the requirements. With our list of accessories, the vehicle body can be precisely adapted to its tasks. But these points make our FlexBox Dry very special.

The Humbaur FlexBox special features:

Lightweight rear doors
Tail lifts
Robust wooden flooring
Glazed roof as standard
Lashing points as standard
Flexible body variants
Sandwich panels with various cover layers

With carefully conceived accessories – customise your FlexBox

You have the choice. In addition to our standard models, you can precisely tailor your FlexBox to your needs and specifications. With our broad range of accessories, you can determine how your FlexBox is manufactured.

Numerous flooring variants

You can choose from various flooring variants for your box body. Our wooden flooring is available in 5 different thicknesses: 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm, 24 mm and 27 mm. Each one according to how robust, stable or weight-optimised your floor should be. Furthermore, we have a plastic-coated floor in store, which is especially slip-resistant and thus ensures safe loading and unloading.

With our equipment for the custom vehicle

In line with whatever sector you operate in or whatever transport operation your FlexBox is faced with, we have a wide variety of equipment options on offer.

  • Sandwich roof
  • Roof spoiler
  • Bolted Aluminium subframe
  • Side door with step
  • Rubber padding
  • Skirting board 150/300 mm
  • Side collision guard
  • Reversing camera system
  • 3. Braking light with integrated reversing camera (up to 3.5 tonnes as standard)
  • LED strips interior
  • Various boarding variants
  • Various load-securing rails

Perfectly equipped with the FlexBox with through-loading system

Our FlexBox vehicle structures are ideal for trailer operations. A perfect example: the Renault Master with through-loading. This transport solution is geared for the day-to-day work of logistics providers. The stable lightweight design enables a high payload with outstanding robustness. This way, you complement your FlexBox towing vehicle quite simply with the suitable trailer.

The possibility of through-loading from the trailer into the loading space of the front vehicle – as has been standard with large HGV combinations for a long time – is commonplace for us. The advantage: Through the sophisticated through-loading system, the whole train is usable – without the trailer having to be detached. And yet the towing vehicle can still be used individually. Thanks to the rigorous lightweight design, up to 2,500 kg total payload is available.

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Versatile, flexible and customisable

Our FlexBox Dry is not only ideal for dry freight, but also impresses with its many, carefully conceived detailed solutions. For this reason, the vehicles are versatile. Versatile with regard to the base chassis and versatile with regard to their application. With our box body, you are not only perfectly equipped, but above all flexible. Our broad product portfolio offers many vehicles. Can’t find the suitable solution? If so, then we can work with you to develop the suitable transport solution for your sector and company. And best of all: thanks to our rigorous lightweight design, our box bodies impress with an unbeatable payload, making every journey and operation efficient, be it mixed freight, roller containers or parcels.

What you can expect