What’s inside

HORSE TRAILERS: Equipment details

When equipping horse trailers, the well-being of the horse is always Humbaur’s priority. We are aware that horse owners are particularly demanding when it comes to the quality of the means of transport for their beloved animal friend. That’s why you can expect the highest quality from idea to finished product with Humbaur horse trailers. 

Depending on requirements, we offer special features and additional components for our trailers that make travelling with a horse even safer and more comfortable. Here is an overview of the equipment details that promise comfort and safety when travelling. 

Three Humbaur horse trailers in the colours white, green and yellow | © Humbaur GmbH

Active driving safety

At Humbaur, the active safety of the horse trailer starts with the design. Thanks to the low centre of gravity by design, Humbaur trailers enjoy an impressively smooth ride – a bonus that has a positive effect on the horse’s well-being during transport. 


With its hot-dip galvanised side member chassis, the Humbaur EquiDrive® body offers maximum stability and therefore maximum safety. The structurally low centre of gravity ensures a smooth ride – a bonus that has a positive effect on the horse’s well-being during transport. 

Standard in the following models:  
SINGLE Alu 1600
EQUITOS Plywood 
XANTHOS Aero 2400
NOTOS Alu Spirit 2400 
NOTOS Alu 2400 

EquiDrive® Plus

The EquiDrive® Plus chassis has more extensive technical features and thus provides additional comfort benefits and more safety for your horses during trailer transport. The automatic adjustment function of the brakes ensures that the trailer’s braking behaviour remains consistently optimal and that the braking system is largely maintenance-free. These equipment features mean a total weight of up to 2.7 tonnes is also possible.

Standard in the following models:  
XANTHOS Aero 2700
NOTOS Alu 2700 

EquiDrive® PLUS S 

With the EquiDrive® PLUS S coil spring suspension we use the latest technology from the car industry for safe ground contact, optimum road holding and perfect driving comfort. This ensures maximum safety for the horses while travelling, regardless of road conditions.

Standard in the following models: 
XANTHOS Aero 2700 S 
NOTOS Alu 2700 S
NOTOS Plus 3000
NOTOS Plus 3500 
NOTOS Xtra PRO 2700 
NOTOS Xtra UP 2700 

Passive safety and comfort

EquiGuard® panic release function 

Open in seconds without tools in an emergency: The EquiGuard® panic release function. The system be opened quickly and easily with a single hand movement, even from the inside. No tools are required for this. allowing you to react quickly in serious situations.

When opening the trailer, only the chest bar or breeching bar is released from its fastening. All other parts remain fixed to the side wall. This significantly reduces the risk of injury to your horse.

Intuitive operation with no need for tools
The chest bar and breeching bar can be easily clicked into place in seconds. There is no need to mount or fix parts of the mechanism to the wall. The EquiGuard® is also maintenance-free and easy to clean. 

Standard in the following models:
NOTOS Xtra  

EquiLock® lockable partition wall

The EquiLock® lockable partition wall offers absolute safety for your animal friends even when the tailgate is open. In emergency situations, the partition wall cannot be moved unintentionally as the locking mechanism effectively prevents the rear bars from being pushed upwards. This means that the partition wall cannot be prised out, even when the tailgate is open, which significantly reduces the risk of injury to horses in the trailer.

With the lever folded in when closed, you can lock and unlock the EquiLock® partition wall yourself without much effort and, of course, open it wide to make access easier. 

Standard in the following models:
EQUITOS Plywood 2000 / 2400 
EQUITOS Alu 2000 / 2400 
NOTOS Xtra  

Space quality and freedom of movement

EquiSpace®: safety and comfort 

The sophisticated Humbaur EquiSpace® interior concept ensures maximum space for the horses in the trailer during transport and is integrated as standard in many models.

The divided, padded and moulded chest and breech bars can be mounted individually at three different levels and depths. This means that the standing area in the trailer can be precisely adjusted from small to large horses. The proven locking system has been retained for safety reasons and in response to many customer requests. 

Standard in all models for transporting two horses. 

Interior view of a Humbaur horse trailer with side step protection | © Humbaur GmbH

Side kick plate  

The robust side kick guard protects the side walls from damage or rapid wear and tear caused by kicks from the horse. 
This is achieved through a construction of fibreglass mats manufactured according to our own patents, which are impregnated with polypropylene in a second step. The side step protection is therefore not only hard, but also resistant to moisture and chemicals. This ensures that dents and other damage to the side wall of the horse trailer can be safely avoided. If the step protection becomes worn, it is easy to replace. 

Standard in the following models: 
SINGLE Alu 1600
EQUITOS Alu Plus 2000 / 2400 
NOTOS Xtra  

View of a horse's hooves in a horse trailer | © Humbaur GmbH

Stable: AluBiComp – the floor that can do anything

In a trailer, the floor plate in particular has to withstand a lot. Dampness, temperature fluctuations, the weight and movements of horses – high quality is essential for a durable and safe solution. 
The Humbaur AluBiComp floor is not only moisture-resistant, but also increases the payload of your horse trailer thanks to its low weight (30% less than wood). Thanks to its sophisticated composite panel construction (two cover layers made of specially coated aluminium sheets with a polypropylene plastic core), it is rot-proof and non-malleable. This means that the AluBiComp floor can easily withstand highly concentrated loads from heavy horses (thickness 21 mm).

The AluBiComp floor is fitted as standard in all our aluminium horse trailers and all MAXIMUS® trailers. All other Humbaur horse trailers have the option to be equipped with the AluBiComp floor.

Humbaur horse trailer with open tack room | © Humbaur GmbH

Everything included: the integrated saddle compartment

Many models are already equipped with a saddle compartment as standard. The specifically developed aluminium door frame profile with three-point lock ensures optimum closing comfort and a high level of tightness in the saddle compartment.

Saddle compartment features
• Saddle holder 
• Removable feed troughs, easily accessible by the horse, including holder on the front wall 
• Battery-powered interior light with motion detector, which also lights up without a towing vehicle; can also be used as a mobile torch 
• Shovel and broom 
• Storage compartment and bar (for all AERO models)
• Mirror and storage net
 • Bridle holder
 • Universal hook (e.g. for spurs)
 • Drainage opening for easy cleaning  

Perfect climate

Humbaur horse trailer with opening window | © Humbaur GmbH

Vent windows

The tinted and
five-way adjustable vent windows provide an optimum air supply from the front.

Rear of a horse trailer with wind deflector | ©  Humbaur GmbH

Wind deflector

The standard Humbaur wind deflector ensures draft-free ventilation and continuous air circulation. The fine-pored mesh allows the exchange of air and repels rainwater, as the perforations are smaller than water droplets. The water remains on the outside and flows downwards. The wind deflector is also equipped with an easy-roll system, so that it rolls up quickly and quietly when opened – the horses will not be startled by the roller blinds springing up. The fine pores of the mesh allow sufficient light through and guarantee a bright interior.

Humbaur horse trailer with windflap | © Humbaur GmbH


The Humbaur windflap offers draught-free interior ventilation thanks to the ventilation openings integrated into the all-polyester tailgate. Rainwater is diverted. The windflap is also equipped with a folding system, so that the integrated gas pressure dampers guarantee easy, one-handed opening and smooth sliding upwards and fixing.