On the road in full comfort

Luxury class horse trailers:

Fully equipped. 

The MAXIMUS model range from Humbaur: our luxury-class horse trailers for the highest space, design and comfort demands. Fully equipped and leaves nothing to be desired for professionals and demanding horse enthusiasts.

The MAXIMUS model range


Relaxed, safe transport of your horse in a trailer that meets professional requirements. Room for the horse to feel comfortable while travelling, with sufficient headroom. Plenty of storage space for equipment in the saddle compartment with pull-out saddle holder. And all kinds of comfort and safety features are included as standard. That’s the MAXIMUS model range from Humbaur.

Maximus DELUXE

Humbaur’s flagship horse trailer. The MAXIMUS DELUXE version is distinguished by its modern design, high-quality extensive features as well as designer mudguards and two-tone alloy wheels.

Equipment details of the MAXIMUS and MAXIMUS DELUXE model ranges

We have summarised comprehensive information on the Humbaur horse trailer components for you on a separate page. View here.

Room for horse and rider

Very generous amount of room in our horse trailers - so that your animal friend feels completely at ease.

  • Room for two horses

    Designed to comfortably transport two horses

  • EquiSpace® concept

    EquiSpace® - our design concept to maximise the space available for the horses

  • Extra-large saddle compartment

    Large tack room with plenty of extra space for equipment for horse and rider

  • Extra-large access doors

    Large access doors with 3-point locking mechanism

  • EquiLock® partition

    EquiLock® lockable partition wall


All-round safety thanks to state-of-the-art features – so that you and your horse are always on the safe side.

  • EquiGuard® panic release function

    Split and padded breast and breech bars with separately adjustable height and width, with EquiGuard® panic release function

  • EquiDrive® PLUS and PLUS S coil spring suspension

    EquiDrive® PLUS with automatic adjustment of the brakes and wheel shock absorbers and EquiDrive® PLUS S with coil spring suspension (7396) wheel shock absorbers

Interior equipment basics

The interior of our horse trailers offers comfort and great functionality – so that your horse is well looked after in every respect.

  • AluBiComp floor

    21-mm thick AluBiComp base

  • Side padding

    Side pads on the left and right

  • Side kick plate

Similar models

Humbaur PEGASUS model range


With an internal height of 2,370 mm, the PEGASUS model range also offers excellent headroom for horses with a greater height at the withers. Combined with the high access door, the dimensions of the PEGASUS models ensure comfortable freedom of movement during transport. An extra-high saddle compartment is available for minders and riders, allowing easy access to equipment. This makes the PEGASUS models the perfect trailer for ambitious hobby riders and professionals alike.

Pegasus Style

It is not just the space, comfort and safety that set the PEGASUS STYLE models apart. In the STLYE version, horse enthusiasts can also show their colours: the polyester bonnet and the front of the trailer are available in all colours of the RAL palette. What colour accent do you want to set?