The indispensable helper for handling of small construction machines

Tandem flatbed HS.

Low tare weight for heavy equipment.

The HS series transports small construction machines and materials. The especially flat angle of the stable and durable ramps ensures safe loading. Integrated lashing options guarantee an optimally secured load. The tandem flatbeds can also be adapted to various coupling heights.

The HS series

HS 7,5t

It’s light, so that it can carry heavier equipment. We’ve protected it against rust, so that it stands up longer. Drive your construction machines up a particularly flat angle over stable, study ramps onto the bed. You can adjust the tandem flatbed HS to various coupling heights.

HS 10t

The big brother of the tandem flatbed HS 6.5 t offers an even higher payload. Otherwise, both offer the same functionality. The lashing points integrated into the bed as standard guarantee optimal load securing. An 8.9 metric ton version is also available (HS 895020 BS).

Similar models

Humbaur series tandem construction machine transporter

HBT BE 10t

Do you sometimes need a trailer for pallets, sometimes for construction machines, and sometimes for building materials? With the multi-functional HBT BE, you always have the right one for the job. With its foldable and extendable supports and optional stowable driving ramp, it will support you with any job or machine transport.

HBT BS 10t

When you’re working at a construction site, you need a machine transport solution that offers you unusual transport options. With our tandem HBT BSm you can drive your construction machines up the foldable ramps, which are adjustable from side to side. Its special undercarriage with pendular compensation ensures a stable base for secure loading and driving.