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Dropdeck flatbed HTS.

Lightweight, fast and versatile

The most important features of the HTS models


Easy to use.

  • Adjustable kingpins
  • Pneumatic spring assembly with manual lift/lower function
  • Lift and/or trailing axle (optional)


Use it for life.

  • Main and exterior frame made of high-tensile fine-grained steel

Use cases dropdeck flatbed

Heavy-duty tranport

When the going gets tough, you need a reliable partner. Humbaur trailers are reliable and robust, so you can concentrate on your core business. Work with confidence. Sophisticated details make everyday tasks child’s play.

Additional equipment features

  • Flatbed axles with closed S-cam brakes
  • Pneumatic spring assembly, including lifting and lowering, acting on the rear axle unit

Spring accumulator parking brake, braking system according to EC guidelines with EBS 4S/3M

 2” king pin can be moved by 340 mm for two and three axle semi-trailer tractor

  • 15-pole outlet
  • 15 24V multi-chamber lights, shock-resistant and vibration reducing, fitted with underrun protection
  • Retro-reflective contour marking in accordance with ECE Directive R 48, white on the side, red on the rear
  • 3 pairs of lashing rings 10 metric tons, set into the upper platform
  • 3 pairs of lashing rings 3 metric tons, in the outer frame of the upper platform
  • 5 pairs of lashing rings 10 metric tons, set into the flatbed
  • 6 pairs of lashing points in the outer frame of the flatbed 

One-piece hot-dip galvanised ramps with 50 mm softwood covering, laterally adjustable, direct-acting spring lifting mechanism for ease of operation, reliably secured via turnbuckle and
counter stop 

  • Solid welded construction made of high-strength fine-grained steel, full-width crossbars ensure the highest level stability, wheel arches over the rear wheels, rear climbing aids on the ramp
for maximum safety during loading and unloading
  • Chassis frame and bogie hot-dip galvanised in an immersion bath
  • 50 mm softwood plank flooring
  • Optional storage box
  • Folding side impact protection
  • Two wheel chocks with holder
  • Spare tyre holder on the front wall
  • Wheel cut-outs above the rear tyres, steel mudguard with anti-spray system

Optional accessories

Original Humbaur accessories in original Humbaur quality are available from our webshop.


  • HTS gekröpft

    with an offset bed surface

    Gross weight:
    35 000* / 48 000** kg
    Load capacity:
    27 000* / 40 000** kg
    Inner length:
    11 640 mm
    Inner width:
    2 540 mm
  • HTS gekröpft Radmulden

    with an offset bed surface and wheel recesses

    Gross weight:
    36 000* / 48 000** kg
    Load capacity:
    25 500* / 37 500** kg
    Inner length:
    11 560 mm
    Inner width:
    2 541 mm

Compare models

HTS HTS with wheel recesses, offset
Total permissible weight in kg 35,000* / 48,000** 36,000* / 48,000**
Overall dimension in mm (LxWxH) 12,630 x 2,540 x 3,780 12,630 x 2,540 x 3,780
Flatbed in mm 8,680 x 2,540 8,680 x 2,540
Payload in kg 27,000* / 40,000** 25,500* / 37,500**
Load height in mm 890 890
Unladen weight in kg 8,000 10,500
Tyres in inches 235/75 R17.5 235/75 R17.5

Subject to technical modifications. All dimensions are approximate values and refer to the standard vehicle without accessories. Additional equipment changes both the unladen weight and the load capacity!
* Permissible total weight for divisible load without special authorisation ** Permissible total weight for indivisible load with special authorisation in accordance with Article 70 of the STVO (Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung [German Road Traffic Act])

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