The platform trailer for the most challenging jobs

Tandem construction machine transporter

HBTZ BS 21t.

Relies on a multi-functional outer frame profile

The most important features of the HBTZ BS 21t models


Easy to use.

  • Steplessly adjustable draw tube
  • 15-pin connector


Secure transport.

  • Dual tyres as standard
  • Reinforced 12 metric ton gearbox support spool

Additional equipment features

Axle with drum brake, pneumatic suspension (incl. lifting and lowering system)

EBS pressurised air brake with double release valve, connection hoses with red/yellow couplings, automatic anti-lock ABS, brake system with spring mechanism

 Dual tyres as standard 

 Central bar with screw drawbar eye Ø 50 mm, galvanised, can be infinitely adjusted via the crank handle 

  • 15-pin connector
  • 24-V lighting system with multi-chamber tail lights and
LED lateral lights

Lashing points 6 metric tons set into the bridge floor (3 pairs / 6.2 m; 4 pairs / 7.2 m) Lashing points 2 metric tons in the outer frame (7 pairs / 6.2 m; 8 pairs / 7.2 m)

Solid steel ramps, galvanised, laterally adjustable, covered with softwood, pressurised gas ramp lift

  • Solid, welded and galvanised frame for optimal stability and safety, side panels made of anodised aluminium, can be folded down at the sides and back, removable corner stanchions in the front and back
  • Flooring made from 40 mm softwood planks
  • Mudguards with anti-spray mats
  • 2 wheel chocks with holder
  • Reinforced 12 metric ton gearbox support spool with power and fast gears, supports can be folded up on the left and right of the chassis
  • Optional with divided aluminium/steel side walls with central stanchions

Optional accessories

Original Humbaur accessories in original Humbaur quality are available from our webshop.


  • HBTZ 216524 BS abgeschrägt

    with an inclined bed surface and extra high payload

    Gross weight:
    21 000 kg
    Load capacity:
    16 300 kg
    Inner length:
    6 500 mm
    Inner width:
    2 450 mm
  • HBTZ 217224 BS abgeschrägt

    extra long, with an inclined bed surface and extra high payload

    Gross weight:
    21 000 kg
    Load capacity:
    16 300 kg
    Inner length:
    7 250 mm
    Inner width:
    2 450 mm

Compare models

HBT 216524 BS sloped HBT 217224 BS sloped
Total permissible weight in kg 21,000 21,000
Overall dimension in mm (LxWxH) 8,700 x 2,550 x 3,710 9,400 x 2,550 x 3,710
Payload in kg 16,300 16,200
Load height in mm 870 870
Ramp slope in degrees 13 13
Tyres in inches 235/75 R17.5 235/75 R17.5

Subject to technical modifications. All dimensions are approximate values and refer to the standard vehicle without accessories. Additional equipment changes both the unladen weight and the load capacity!

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