The 4-axle top model

Turntable flatbed

htd 40.

Simple, robust, secure

The most important features of the HTD 40 models

HTD 40

Easy to use.

Work with confidence. Just load and drive.

  • Extra-flat ramp angle
  • User-friendly turnbuckles
  • Lashing points with position lock

HTD 40

Use it for life.

The HTD 40 stands up to the test – and we stand by our word: With a 10-year warranty against rusting through.

  • Corrosion protection thanks to galvinisation
  • Stability thanks to solid welded frames
  • The highest quality workmanship and parts

HTD 40

Secure transport.

The load is secure. The ride is stable. Just drive, and get there safely!

  • Increased safety in load securing thanks to numerous lashing points
  • Additional security via the optional lashing rings on the outer frame
  • Safe driving thanks to low load height

HTD 40

Save in the long-term.

An HTD 40. Optional accessories. All you need. Never again!

  • Additional parts for all models
  • Triple-adjustable drawbar
  • Lasts a lifetime

Additional equipment features

  • SAF flatbed axles with closed S-cam brakes (optional: parabolic spring axles)
  • Pneumatic spring assembly, including lifting and lowering, acting on the rear axle unit (optional: parabolic spring assembly)
  • Tyres at the manufacturer’s discretion, 16x / 235/75 R17.5

24V EBS brake system including EBS connector, spring accumulator parking brake

  • Drawbar 1,500 mm, 200 mm offset
  • Drawbar eye Ø 50 mm, low-maintenance silent bushes

Shock-resistant, vibration-proof full LED lighting with multi-voltage (12-24 V), blinking lateral lights, multi-chamber tailgate lights, with underride protection, including 15-pole power cable

  • Stanchion bag stowage in the out frame
    4 pairs of stanchion bags 90 x 50 mm in the upper platform
    4 pairs of stanchion bags 90 x 50 mm in the flatbed
  • 4 pairs of lashing rings 10 metric tons, set into the flatbed
    3 pairs of lashing rings 10 metric tons, set into the upper platform
    3 pairs of lashing points 3 t in the outer frame
    4 pairs of lashing/stanchion bags 3 t, in the platform outer frame
    4 pairs of lashing/stanchion bags 3 metric tons, in the flatbed outer frame
    4 pairs of lashing points 2 metric tons, above the wheel cutouts of the 2nd and 3rd axle

Single-piece hot-dip galvanised ramps with 50 mm softwood
covering, painted/impregnated, laterally adjustable, direct-acting vertical spring lifting jack, optimally secured via turnbuckle and counterstop

  • Solid welded construction made of high-strength fine-grained steel, full-width crossbars for maximum stability, wheel arches over the rear wheels, corners chamfered at the front, rear side climbing rails on the ramp for maximum safety during loading and unloading
  • Chassis frame and bogie hot-dip galvanised in an immersion bath
  • Flooring made of 50 mm softwood
covering, painted/impregnated
  • Folding side impact protection, side and rear contour markings, half-shell mudguard made of plastic at the front and straight steel mudguard at the rear with anti-spray mats
  • 2 wheel chocks
  • 2 foldable rear support legs to the left and right of the chassis frame
  • Low-maintenance slewing ring
  • Steel air container

Optional accessories

Original Humbaur accessories in original Humbaur quality are available from our webshop.


  • HTD 409525 gekröpft

    with an offset bed surface

    Gross weight:
    24 000* / 40 000** kg
    Load capacity:
    16 500* / 32 500** kg
    Inner length:
    7 330 mm
    Inner width:
    2 540 mm
  • HTD 409525 gekröpft Radmulden

    with an offset bed surface and wheel recesses

    Gross weight:
    24 000* / 40 000** kg
    Load capacity:
    14 000* / 30 000** kg
    Inner length:
    7 160 mm
    Inner width:
    2 540 mm
  • HTD 409525 gerade

    with a flat bed surface

    Gross weight:
    24 000* / 30 000** kg
    Load capacity:
    16 200* / 32 500** kg
    Inner length:
    9 760 mm
    Inner width:
    2 540 mm

Compare models

HTD 409525 offset wheel recesses HTD 409525 offset HTD 409525 straight
Total permissible weight in kg 24,000* / 40,000** 24,000* / 40,000** 24,000* / 40,000**
Overall dimension in mm (LxWxH) 11,710 x 2,540 x 3,780 11,710 x 2,540 x 3,760 11,710 x 2,540 x 3,810
Flatbed, incl. tailgate slope in mm 7,160 x 2,540 7,330 x 2,540 9,760 x 2,540
Payload in kg 14,000* / 30,000** 16,500* / 32,500** 16,200* / 32,200**
Load height in mm 890 890 920
Ramp slope in degrees 10 10 10
Tyres in inches 16x 235/75 R17.5 16x 235/75 R17.5 16x 235/75 R17.5

Subject to technical modifications. All dimensions are approximate values and refer to the standard vehicle without accessories. Additional equipment changes both the unladen weight and the load capacity!
* Permissible total weight for divisible load without special authorisation ** Permissible total weight for indivisible load with special authorisation in accordance with Article 70 of the STVO (Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung [German Road Traffic Act])

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